#383 — March 20, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus (It’s Bjork. And it’s oh so quiet..) Firefox 66: The Sound of Silence — Users can now determine whether a site can autoplay sound or not, improvements have been made to scrolling, Touch Bar support has been added for macOS, and various security issues… Read More

#382 — March 13, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus The Web is 30 Years Old! Developers Revive First Web Browser at Week-Long Hackathon — A team of developers has visited CERN to recreate the initial ‘WorldWideWeb’ browser. We’re celebrating 30 years of the Web with a special ‘The Web at 30‘ section (below).… Read More

#381 — March 6, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus WebAuthn Approved As Web Standard for Password-Free Logins — The W3C announced earlier this week that the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn) is now an official standard for password-free logins on the web. Emil Protalinski Cache-Control for Civilians — An accessible look at what the… Read More

#380 — February 27, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Exploring a Back/Forward Cache for Chrome — The Chrome team are experimenting with a way to navigate back and forth, which thanks to caching pages in-memory (preserving JS and DOM states) will allow for ‘instant’ navigation to previously visited pages. Both Firefox and Safari… Read More

#379 — February 20, 2019 Read on the Web ? Frontend Focus Resource Prioritization – Getting the Browser to Help You — Use to load your key scripts at a higher priority. It’s improved Twitter Lite’s time to interactive by 36% says Addy Osmani. Sérgio Gomes (Google) ?  How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web… Read More

#378 — February 13, 2019 Read on the Web ? Frontend Focus Rendering on the Web: Exploring the Server-Client Spectrum — A look at different forms of Web rendering from both simple, server-rendered HTML all the way along to fully client-rendered layouts. If you want to understand terms like CSR, rehydration, or pre-rendering, this is… Read More

#377 — February 6, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus How to Architect a Complex Web Table — Tables frequently appear on the web but aren’t particularly easy to design and code. This illustrated guide explains the anatomy of tables and how to build them properly. Slava Shestopalov Firefox 66 to Block Automatically Playing… Read More

#376 — January 30, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus HTML Is and Always Was A Compilation Target – Can We Deal with That? — There’s an ongoing debate in Web development circles over the value of well-formed, easily readable HTML versus more mechanical code that does the job but has been ‘compiled’ from… Read More

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#375 — January 23, 2019 Read on the Web Frontend Focus HTML5’s Input Types: Where Are They Now? — HTML5 introduced 13 new types of form input (think things like type=”color”), adding significantly to the number of different fields we could add to our forms. But what is the state of those field types today?… Read More