Frontend Focus Issue 307 — September 13, 2017 Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools Ditch console.log debugging once and for all by learning to use breakpoints to debug code within the DevTools. Brandon Morelli Lazy Async SVG Rasterization Browsers try to render SVG images on every frame, this can be slow. Here, Jake… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 308 — September 20, 2017 W3C Abandons Consensus, Standardizes DRM with 58% Support This decision has resulted in the EFF resigning from the consortium due to a belief that the W3C process is no longer suited to defending the open web. Cory Doctorow How New Font Technologies Will Improve The Web François… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 309 — September 27, 2017 CSS font-display: The Future of Font Rendering on the Web Giulio Mainardi explains the new font-display property and how it will help CSS developers improve rendering of fonts during page load. SitePoint The Mega HTML5 Cheatsheet A lot of stuff packed into this huge infographic from tags… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 310 — October 4, 2017 Essential Image Optimization for the Web A free ebook on modern image optimization techniques. Formats, decoders, techniques for efficient compression and more are covered. Addy Osmani CSS Grid Gotchas And Stumbling Blocks CSS Grid is such a different way of approaching Web layout that a variety of… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 305 — August 30, 2017 A Thorough Guide to Building Layouts with CSS Grid A helpful guide to CSS Grid, including a free visual grid builder tool. CoffeeCup Improve Web Typography with CSS Font Size Adjust Gajendar Singh introduces you to the font-size-adjust CSS property and explains why it’s important and how… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 304 — August 23, 2017 Custom Elements v1: Reusable Web Components A great introduction to Custom Elements – they allow web developers to define new HTML tags, extend existing ones, and create reusable web components. Eric Bidelman A Look Inside a Super Fast CSS Engine A fantastic exploration of how work on… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 303 — August 16, 2017 Bootstrap 4 Beta Released Two years in the making, the popular front-end framework is taking some key steps forward. For starters, it’s switched from Less to Sass and is now Flexbox based. Mark Otto Web Fonts: When You Need Them, When You Don’t David Gilbertson makes a… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 302 — August 9, 2017 HTML 5.2 Now A Candidate Recommendation Now a W3C Candidate Recommendation, the HTML 5.2 spec defines the second minor revision of HTML. A few things are up for potential deprecation including the ‘menu’ and ‘dialog’ elements. W3C The Languages Which Almost Became CSS The history of all… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 301 — August 2, 2017 Best Practices for Links Back to the Homepage A site logo linking to the homepage is not always enough. Here’s some best practices for that key link. Nielsen Norman Group Shoelace.css: A Pure CSS Alternative to Bootstrap A back to basics CSS starter kit “for when you… Read More

Frontend Focus Issue 300 — July 26, 2017 Flash and the Future of Interactive Content Adobe is planning to stop updating and distributing Flash at the end of 2020, encouraging creators to migrate Flash content to open formats like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly. Adobe Enhancing CSS Layout: From Floats To Flexbox To Grid Manuel Matuzovi?… Read More