#439 — May 6, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Introducing Web Vitals: Essential Metrics for Healthy Sites — Web Vitals is a new Google initiative to provide guidance on quality signals (think first input delay, load speed, etc.) that are key to delivering good user experiences on the web. Google A Complete Guide to… Read More

#438 — April 29, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Current browser support for CSS math functions. Via: caniuse.com ?  min(), max(), and clamp()` Are CSS Magic — The min, max, and clamp functions are now starting to see more widespread browser support. Here’s a video running through how these properties can be used to… Read More

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#435 — April 8, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Changes in Firefox 75 That Will Affect Developers — Version 75 of Firefox dropped yesterday, bringing with it support for lazy loading, additions to the Web Animations API, implementation of the min(), max(), and clamp() CSS functions, plus a handful of accessibility wins. All… Read More

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The Pagelayer team has released version 1.0.8.This version has many UI and UX improvements for the Pagelayer Editor. The following is a list of changes : [Premium-Feature] We have added the Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects feature in Pagelayer. You can now set an animation to an element on mouse movement or on a scroll.… Read More