This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Ashish Thapliyal to the show to talk about how to get better performance from your HBase in HDInsight. Ashish is senior PM in the Big Data HDInsight group and in today’s show discusses 9 things you should do to get better performance from your HBase HDInsight cluster.

At the [01:30] mark Ashish begins by providing an overview of HBase; what it is and how are people using it.

Up next at the [05:13] mark, Ashish discusses a few example use cases to help provide some context as to how HBase is being used in real-world scenarios today.

At [06:35] mark, Ashish spends a few minutes discussing key differentiated HBase features specific to HDInsight and why it should be considered to run HBase on an HDInsight cluster. He also provides some context as to why Azure Blob storage is a critical piece in the architecture regarding price and performance.

Next at [09:07] Ashish covers the architecture of HBase to provide some context when discussing how some of the 9 performance recommendations apply to the architecture.

At [12:07] Ashish spends the remaining 12 1/2 minutes discussing in detail the 9 performance recommendations for running HBase in HDInsight, including Row Key Design, implementing batch, enabling bucket caching, and more.

A great video with fantastic recommendations. A summary of the 9 performance recommendations can be found here:

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