New Friend of the Gallery Rumen Filkov (aka RF Solutions), whom we’ve highlighted a number of times…

… Is back with one of our favorite type of Kinect projects, motion capture.

Kinect-v2 Mocap Animator


Kinect v2 Mocap Animator is a simple to use motion-capture to fbx-animation tool. You can run it as a scene in the Unity editor, or use it as component in your own tools. The Mocap animator uses Kinect-v2 or v1 as input device, stores the captured movements as animation in a fbx-file of your choice, and allows displaying of the animation, right after you capture it. This package can be used in both Unity Pro and Unity Personal editors.

How to run the Mocap Animator:
1. Install the Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 or Kinect Runtime. The download link is below.
2. Install the Speech Platform Runtime or SDK (both x86 and x64 versions), as well as the needed language packs. The download links are below.
3. Download and import this package.
4. Open and run Assets/KinectMocapFbx/MocapFbxAnimator-scene
5. For further instructions, see the Readme-Kinect2-Mocap-Animator.pdf file in the package

Download: …

Requirements: …

What’s in there in version 1.0:
1. Added saving of Kinect-v2 captured motions to fbx-file and animation of your choice.
2. Added option to use Kinect-v1 sensor instead of Kinect-v2.
3. Added option to save the output fbx-file in different formats.
4. Starts and stops animation recording with voice commands or Jump-button (space key) presses.
5. Do mind this is the first release of Kinect-v2 Mocap Animator. It is still in experimental state, so please be forgiving and allow some mistakes. The package will mature in time, for sure.

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