Microsoft Tools for Beginner Web Developers


Are you a student interested in getting started with tools to create websites? Do you know a little HTML/CSS but don’t know how to publish your website or a good text editor to write your code? This video focus on various Microsoft tools and how you can use them to create websites. We WILL NOT be learning HTML or CSS..

Visual Studio Code,, is a cross-platform text editor that you can write your code in. Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform that allows you to host your website live to share with all of your friends and family. With Dreamspark,, (Microsoft’s program for students, full of free resources and software), you get an Azure account where you can publish 10 WEBSITES FOR FREE.

To be able to publish our files from VS Code to your Azure website, you will use Github. You will learn about what Github is, how to create repositories, and how to connect your Azure Website to a Github repo. By the end of this video, you should feel comfortable creating and updating your websites in Azure!


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