#405 — August 21, 2019

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Frontend Focus

Microsoft Introduces ‘Ready for Everyday Use’ Beta of Its Chrome-Based Edge Browser — Available for Windows and macOS, the beta release of Edge is the third and final preview release of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based browser, although Microsoft is declaring it ‘ready for everyday use’ with this release. It also includes the ‘Internet Explorer mode’ for back compatibility with IE 11. Time to get testing.

Joe Belfiore (Microsoft)

?  Is CSS a ‘Programming Language’? — An hour long conversation asking questions about the label CSS carries, and picking apart if being designated a ‘programming language’ would encourage uptake, or if such characterization may end up being an exercise in exclusion — and ultimately whether it even matters.

Heydon Pickering and Stephen Hay podcast

GraphQL Tutorials for Frontend Developers — Learn GraphQL by doing in just 2 hours with these open-source tutorials for React, ReactNative, Vue, Angular, Elm, Android, iOS, Flutter & ReasonML developers.

Hasura sponsor

Optional HTML: Everything You Need to Know — A good look at optional code (such as the quotation marks of an attribute value), and how the balance between understandability and performance don’t need to be at odds with each other.

Jens Oliver Meiert

iframes Are Just Terrible. Here’s How They Could Be Better. — Daniel Brian, a lead engineer at PayPal highlights some of the issues with using