Have a bunch of XAML that is “formatting challenged?” Tired of wasting time playing the XAML format game? Want all your XAML to look the same?

Dave Grochocki, building on the work from Nico Vermeir/XamlStyler and Chris Chaochen/Xaml Markup Styler, felt the same way and decided to do something about it…

XAML Magic

XAML Magic is a visual studio extension, which formats XAML source code by sorting the attributes based on their importance. This tool can help you/your team maintain a better XAML coding style as well as a much better XAML readability.

Documentation: XAML Magic Wiki

Script Integration: Xmagic.exe Documentation

Change Log

Version 1.2 (1/18/2016)
– Added ability to specify external JSON configuration
– Added option to reset settings to default values
– Added command-line integration for scripting
– Fixed bug where attribute groups were not exporting from Visual Studio properly
– Updated default settings

Version 1.1 (1/4/2016)
– Added support for reordering visual state managers


XAML Magic is a fork of XamlStyler

And of course the source is available too, https://github.com/grochocki/XamlMagic

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