Data Exposed is pleased to welcome Jos de Bruijn back, and today he is back to talk specifically about In-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016. Jos is a Senior PM on the SQL team and today dives right in with a fantastic demo to first show how much easier it is to get started with In-memory OLTP, but also the performance improvements with this technology in SQL Server 2016 to make it even faster.

At the [01:30] mark Jos breaks out the trusty whiteboard and spends the next 13 minutes providing a fantastic detailed overview to define the concept of latecncy in SQL Server: how long it takes it takes the database to process a request from the client.

At the [15:15] mark Jos spends a few minutes recapping the Durability options in SQL Server, their pros and cons, and in what scenarios the different options should be used.

It’s demo time at the [17:45] mark and Jos spends the remaining 10 minutes showing the impact of various modes of durability and the impact the different modes have on transactional performance.

Another great show by Jos and we look forward to having him back to talk more about this fantastic topic. Have questions for Jos or want to know what he’s up to? @jdebruijn


· Delayed durability and controlling transaction durability in SQL Server:

· Defining durability for memory-optimized objects:

· Memory-optimizing temp tables and table variables:

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