Even with the madness that is Ignite, our hosts were hard at working bring you some great shows and videos. Here’s just a select 36 of them…

Whitebox Fuzzing and Project Springfield

Whitebox fuzzing combines the code review of whitebox static analysis with the brute forcing inputs of fuzzing. Microsoft just announced Project Springfield, which is a service providing whitebox fuzzing for Microsoft developers. Slick way to find and remove vulnerabilities in our applications.

Part 2 – working with tables in Azure SQL Data Warehouse

In this video will explore the important role that tables play in taking advantage of the Massive Parallel Processing capabilities within the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. You will understand how the HASH and ROUND_ROBIN algorithms can be used to optimize tables within the data warehouse. Indexing and table partitioning are also covered to further show how you can improve the performance of querying and loading data. The session will conclude with a demonstration on how tables can be created within the Azure Data Warehouse.

TWC9: On-Demand Ignite, an AI Journey, Uber Selfies, Fuzzy Cloud and more…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

Alienware Announces VR Ready Gaming Notebooks with Gears of War 4 Bundle

Alienware was at PAXWEST showing off some pretty insane new gaming technology. Watch this video to see two newly announced notebooks, the latest in VR Ready Systems, Tobii eye tracking game play and details on the limited time offer on select systems with Gears of War 4 at no additional charge. See offer details by clicking on the banner below: …

Episode 47 – A chat with Stephen Rose

In this episode @clintwyckoff and @davekawula has a chance to chat with Stephen Rose @stephenlrose on the expo hall floor of Microsoft Ignite 2016 #msignite. They chatted about the experience of Ignite 2016. A community event called #ignitecup which is an exhibition hockey game organized the day prior to the conference.

Episode 46 – MS Ignite Keynote Recap

In this episode @clintwyckoff and @davekawula discuss the keynotes for the first day of #msignite 2016. There were some really cool announcements. …


This Week on Windows: This week Larry and Kate bring you the latest Windows 10 headlines from the Forza Horizon 3 launch event in Los Angeles, CA. …

Scott Hunter talks ASP.NET Core at DEV intersection Fall Count Down Show #3 (Teaser)

What if could spend a day learning ASP.NET Core from the folks that built it? Scott Hunter and Richard Campbell talk about the huge task of shipping ASP.NET Core and the new workshop at DEV intersection taught by the team. DEV intersection is one the first places you can see the latest generation of tooling to work with ASP.NET Core and let you experience the future of ASP.NET web development! Register for the conference…

Episode 45 – Women in Technology at Microsoft Ignite

This year at Microsoft Ignite Women in Technology (WIT) was a huge theme. In this episode Cristal Kawula and Clint Wyckoff sit down to chat about all the great things happening at Microsoft Ignite 2016 Atlanta for Women.

You can follow them at: Cristal Kawula – @supercristal1 Clint Wyckoff – @clintwyckoff This year had so many great Women in Technology sessions here were just a few of them.

JB Evain – Cecil, modifying IL

Jb is on the show again this week, to tell us about his own work on Cecil, and also about working with IL in general. …

Tips for Getting into Tech

Hear from LevelUp host Katie Stone Perez about Game Development and a few of her 6 quick tips for students interested in working in Technology.

At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. And helping students engage with technology and explore career opportunities in Technology are paramount to delivering against that goal. If you or someone you know is a student and is interested in learning more about our education and engagement programs please visit the following resources: …
Creating Mobile Apps with a Smile with OutSystems

Interested in seeing how Microsoft technologies such as Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are transforming commercial industry solutions in Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector and more? Check out the LaunchPad Series on Channel 9 where you will find creative and powerful line of business (LOB) apps built by Microsoft’s ISV partners from around the world. …

Episode 44 – The Ultimate MS Ignite Swag Guide

When attending events the most coveted pieces of SWAG are difficult to find! In this episode of Interview with an MVP Dave and Clint highlight their favorite pieces of SWAG LIVE from Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. …

Building the Rush 4 – Part 2 Motors, ESCs and PDB

Welcome to the Drones Garage Show, a showcase produced by the Drones Chapter of the Microsoft Garage. Our goal is to create a community of people excited about drones and their possibilities. We will explore many aspects of working with drones including FPV racing, aerial photography, and programming. …

Learnings from fanband with Liquid Daffodi

fanband, the #1 Top Rated Paid App in Health and Fitness for Windows Phone 8.1 to iOS, Android, and Windows 10. In addition, we created a mechanism to better understand user interactions and application stability through incorporation of HockeyApp Crash Reporting and Analytics. We were also able to incorporate an innovative feature into the final product using Azure Notification Hubs. …

Razer Unveils Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook with Razer Core eGPU Solution

We were at PAXWEST at the Razer booth and saw some pretty amazing new gaming technology. Watch this video to see Razer’s newly announced ultrabook, the Razer Blade Stealth along with Razer’s eGPU solution, the Razer Core. The device can accommodate virtually every popular desktop graphics card from AMD and NVIDIA. Razer’s not only enables better gaming but also helps to future-proof systems, as graphics cards are easily swappable as new components become available. …

One Dev Question with Raymond Chen – What Programming Language is Windows Written In?

The ‘One Dev Question with Raymond Chen’ video series is part of the One Dev Minute channel. In this series, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history. If you have additional questions for Raymond, please add your questions in the comments section below. You can also find out more development details about Windows and its history on Raymond’s blog.

Reach more customers with Windows Store for Business

Windows Store for Business enables app developers to extend their reach to businesses and education institutions running Windows 10. Using a Windows Dev Center account, publish high value apps to the Store or submit private line-of-business apps. Reach new users across Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and phones.

Brad Anderson’s ITEdge intersection & DEV intersection Fall CountDown Show #2 with Scott Hanselman (Teaser)

What? Developers and IT Pros intersecting? Find out where and why as Brad Andersen and Scott Hanselman talk about the tight connection between teams and success. The conversation starts out focused on security and corporate governance and how to seamlessly manage your technology in a world of cross platform, open source and mobile devices….

The Ops Team #29 – “Or is it Episode 30?”

The Ops Team is a (sometimes) weekly show where (occasionally) 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, WE HAVE 5 PEOPLE. Unbelievable. That also means that it’s the longest episode in Ops Team history, clocking in over 40 minutes long. Approaching Lord of the Rings territory there! Matt and Oguz are joined by new recruit Damien (well, new to Redmond), and some visiting Technical Evangelists, Julien and William from the Canadian subsidiary, to bring you up to speed with the latest IT news….

The Xamarin Show 4: Continuous Delivery with Josh Weber

This week, James is joined by Josh Weber, HockeyApp Program Manager, who talks to us about the next step of DevOps after Continuous Integration, which is Delivery. Gone of the days of emailing around install files and packages as we can eliminate all of this tediousness and delight our testers with Continuous Delivery. Josh shows us not only how we can delivery a development build of Xamarin iOS and Android applications with every commit, but also how Visual Studio Team Services enhances the release management process. He walks us through gated releases to HockeyApp and then straight to Google Play in just a few seconds. Join in on the Continuous Delivery fun on this weeks The Xamarin Show….

Azure Service Bus Relay overview

Clemens Vasters delivers an overview of the Azure Service Bus Relay service.

Check out the keynotes and general sessions from Day 1

Microsoft Ignite is going full-force in Atlanta. Even if you weren’t able to be with us in person this year, you’re still part of it—and you can catch a huge amount of content, including keynotes and sessions, on-demand now, wherever you are. …

Microsoft Board Member Padmasree Warrior

In one of the latest installments of Microsoft’s interview series with its Board of Directors, Padmasree Warrior shares what’s surprised her about Microsoft over the past year, the board’s role in Microsoft’s transformation, and how the company is championing diversity at all levels. …

Microsoft Board Member John Thompson

Having been on the board for several years now, Microsoft board chairman John Thompson has seen the transformation of the company first-hand. As part of the company’s interview series with its Board of Directors, John recently outlined his thoughts about Microsoft’s leadership structure, the evolution of company culture, and what drew him into technology over 40 years ago. …

Tuesdays with Corey: Session not to miss from Microsoft Ignite

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team joins Rick remotely while at Microsoft Ignite. They talk about some of the announcements and new releases in the Azure Compute space. …

Episode 24: Windows Anniversary Update Store features for Xbox One and Windows 10

With the Windows Anniversary Update we converged our Windows and Xbox stores resulting in a host of new features and functionality on our platforms. Join us as we talk with Frank Morrison, the principle program manager for the Xbox Store, about some of the new features available now. …

CarouselView for Xamarin Forms

Learn how to use CarouselView with Xamarin Forms to flip through a list of items or images.

2016-09-20 | SBA: Why IoT is Important to Small Business

2016-09-20 | SBA: Why IoT is Important to Small Business

2016-09-22 | Security and Manageability on a Personal Level

Help your employees take personal responsibility for security. From biometrics to multi-factor authentication, how do you help your employees be protected at a personal level? …

Scott Hanselman Kicks Off the DEVintersection & anglebrackets Fall CountDown Show #1 (Teaser)

Scott Hanselman and Richard Campbell discuss Microsoft’s gradual embrace of open source, the intersection of technologies and how cool the DEVintersection & anglebrackets conference will be this fall Oct 25 – 29 in Las Vegas. Scott’s opening keynote along with …

#XaMonday Show: applying borders to the Editor control on iOS

In this new episode of the #XaMonday Show, I’ll explain how to add a border around the Editor control in Xamarin.Forms when developing for iOS. This can be useful because the Editor on iOS is rendered with no border and therefore it becomes visible only when it gets focus.

Episode 43 – The Scripting Guys chat PowerShell

In this Episode we had a chance to Interview the one and only Ed Wilson @ScriptingGuys and Ken Hansen Principal Program Manager for PowerShell from Microsoft. We met up with them at www.mvpdays.com Atlanta. They chatted about some of the new and cool features coming with PowerShell 5.1 …

Episode 123: UWP Community Toolkit with David Catuhe

We talk with David Catuhe about the UWP community toolkit. Linux on an 8-bit computer emulating 32 bits. TypeScript 2.0. And this show is late because Jason was riding his boosted board. …

Episode 42 – MS Ignite Update Pre-Keynote

In this episode @clintwyckoff and @davekawula chat about the amazing week that is happening at #MSIgnite 2016 in Atlanta.

Defrag Tools #169 – Debugging Tools for Windows Team

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards talks to Andy Luhrs and Bill Messmer from the Debugging Tools for Windows team. We talk about what the team develops, what it is working on, the debugger object model, their blog and their feedback email address. …

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