You’d think that with all the events last week our video stars would be burned out and wanting to take a break? No way, not OUR content authors!

Here’s a select 29 videos, shows, posts and more from last here, here on Channel 9…


Welcome to the Cortana Intelligence Suite workshop delivered by your Microsoft Data Science team. In this workshop you’ll cover a series of modules that guide you from understanding an analytics workload, the Cortana Intelligence Suite Process…

Deep Neural Networks in Azure: Transfer Learning and Fine-tuning

Deep learning is an emerging field of research, which has applications across multiple fields. We will show how the transfer learning and fine tuning strategy leads to re-usability of the same Deep Convolution Neural Network (DCNN) model in different domains. Attendees will learn about basic deep neural networks, and how to use DNNs in Azure. …

Kinect for Windows 10 Driver, Hello Support and Code Samples Now Available

Breaking News! We first highlighted this in May, Kinect, UWP and Windows 10 Anniversary Update and now we can finally get the official Windows 10 Driver for the Kinect v2. Also the driver is now included in Windows Update AND there’s new code samples too.

Took a while, but it’s finally here! …

TWC9: Microsoft Teams Dev Preview, PowerShell is 10, Project Olympus News and more…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including; Disrupting Photography With OSS And Microsoft Azure

Taking cool pictures with your phone again? Mathias Bjorkholm and Karl Karlsson want them. They launched in 2012 from the idea that the world needed an ecosystem to connect the billions of people in need of photos to the billions of people with cameras.


In this week’s episode we’ve got some great updates on all things Windows! …

Using Speech and Ink to Create More Personal UWP Apps

Adventure Works is a UWP sample app that uses UWP Speech and Inking APIs to create a more personal and natural user experience. Check out the video to see how it works, read up on details in this blog post, and then learn more about UWP apps on the Xbox at

Building the Rush 4 – Interview with Ron and Josh

In this episode, chapter leads Jacob and Bob are joined by Joshua Bardwell and Ron Scofield in a short round table talk as we close out the Rush 4 build. …

Insider Threat

The insider threat: employees who maliciously or accidentally open the organization up to security breaches. Here’s how to communicate, detect, and prevent insider threat. It’s all about being aware of our surroundings.

Mei-Chin Tsai & Jan Kotas – CoreRT & .NET Native

This week we speak with Mei-Chin Tsai and Jan Kotas about their work on CoreRT and .NET Native.

#311: Look Ma, No Chair and No Todd!

In this week’s episode Shane is sad and alone as Todd is on the road entertaining throngs of adoring fans. While missing Todd, Shane talks about his new desk and how it will improve his productivity by a solid 1%. Then he talks about the Internet’s secret keys and new announcements from Microsoft about the Surface and Azure. …

Virtual Network (vNet) Peering

Scott talks to Narayan Annamalai from the Azure Networking team about the new Virtual Network Peering feature. VNet peering is a mechanism that connects two virtual networks (VNets) in the same region through the Azure backbone network. Once peered, the two virtual networks appear as one for all connectivity purposes.

2016-11-1 | SBA: The Power of Business Process with Sharepoint

With Sherman Crancer and Michelle Hollis

2016-10-27 | Implement People-Centric Security

Gain more flexibility and control over your security With Office 365, Microsoft takes security and compliance to the next level. Now you have more control over your data security and compliance with built-in privacy, transparency, and refined user controls. It’s easy to see why this is the most secure Office ever. …

Mads Kristensen Extensions

In this episode, Robert is joined by Mads Kristensen, who shows us another batch of extensions he has written, all designed to boost developer productivity. Mads shows: …

BlackBox101 for Quadcopters

In this episode, chapter lead Jacob is joined by Joshua Bardwell to talk about blackbox 101 and how to get started. …

The Xamarin Show 8: Microsoft Graph with Simon Jäger

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Simon Jäger, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, who show us how to integrate the Microsoft Graph into Xamarin applications. We take a look at how to integrate with the massive amount of Microsoft APIs – using one single endpoint. This endpoint, called the Microsoft Graph lets you access everything from data, to …

More with SQL Server on Linux
In this SQL on Linux follow-up episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes back Tobias Ternstrom and Slava Oks to the show us more of SQL Server on Linux. Linux. Again, no slides, just pure demos. …
Radical Samples for the Surface Dial

The Surface Dial was just introduced to the world last week at the Windows 10 event.

Think it might be a while until we get some code samples for it?


There are already two complete samples for it in C#/UWP, C++ and C#/WinForms.

BTW, this highlights that the Windows Universal Samples and Windows Classic Samples repo’s are your Code Samples friend…


Teaser for MVP Show

Episodes coming soon!

Interview with Scott Hanselman at Dev Intersection – Las Vegas

At the Dev Intersection conference in Las Vegas we spoke with Scott Hanselman about .NET Core and Open Source.

Resolving Modern Device Issues for SMBs

Many SMBs still have to consider old deployment tools and corporate structures, even when IT isn’t ready for this massive load. Get to know some of the workarounds and some of the tools you want to consider when your boss orders a thousand new devices. All this and more on the podcast together with Surface Blackbelt Briand Sanderson from Microsoft, recorded live at Ignite in Atlanta 2016

Episode 127: Chaos Engineering with Charles Torre

We talk with Charles Torre about Chaos Engineering. Google fiber is amazing so they stopped installing it. Choosing between beer and saving lives. And we discuss the apple and Microsoft events. …

How Uber is using driver selfies to enhance security, powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services

Uber is using Microsoft Cognitive Services to offer Real-Time ID Check. Drivers verify their identity using selfies before they are able to accept rides. Learn more at

ASP.NET Monsters Episode #76: Curl

Postman is a great tool for exercising HTTP endpoints but sometimes you need a tool you can run in a script or you don’t have access to postman. In that case curl is your friend. In this episode Simon takes us through the basics of curl running on Ubuntu on Windows. …

PowerBI Embedded GA

Scott talks to Josh Caplan about the General Availability of Microsoft Power BI Embedded. It’s a great new Azure service that allows app developers to embed live interactive reports into their applications.

Microsoft at ESL One Gaming Esports Event in 90 Seconds

Watch a 90 second recap of Microsoft at the ESL One gaming event.

ESL One: New York 2016 was one of the largest CS:GO eSports tournaments in the world where eight teams competed for $250,000. The competition was fierce. Between matches we visited with CyberPower and Alienware who help power the event. We also ….

What’s new in Azure DocumentDB?

Kirill Gavrylyuk stops by Azure Friday to share what’s new in Azure DocumentDB.

WebAssembly AngryBots Demo

We’ve been hard at work developing support for WebAssembly in Microsoft Edge at the open-source ChakraCore project repo. Microsoft Edge and ChakraCore are close to shipping the browser preview, which we expect to come when the full JavaScript APIs are implemented. ..

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