Last week was a huge week for events! Not only was there DEVintersection Las Vegas 2016, Microsoft Ignite New Zealand 2016 and SQL PASS Summit 2016, but of course the Microsoft Windows 10 event!

With all that, you’d think all of our content authors would be booked and there’d be an episode drought on Channel 9?

Not even close!

Here’s 34 select shows, posts, episodes and videos from last week on Channel 9…

Episode 217: Azure Active Directory B2C with Swaroop Krishnamurthy

In this episode Haishi Bai and Romit Girdhar are joined by Swaroop Krishnamurthy, Senior Program Manager of Azure Active Directory B2C. After a brief introduction of Azure Active Directory B2C, Swaroop shows a couple of use cases of B2C. Then, he shows the end-to-end process of creating a B2C tenant, registering an application, configuring different policies, and customizing the user experiences. …

TWC9: Windows 10 Creators Update, Surface Studio, .NET Core 1.1, Drones Changing a Light Bulb and more…

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and guest host Chris Barker discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

Esports, VR, and the future of Gaming with ESL CEO Craig Levine and xBox

Between CS:GO matches at the ESL One competition in New York, we talked with ESL CEO Craig Levine. He shared with us his views on booming Esports phenomenon and the player stars being born out of it. We discussed new technologies in esports such as touch-enabled devices, VR and Microsoft’s Arena for xBox Live – a tournament platform infrastructure for the masses. …

Get Started with Azure Monitor

In this quick, 5-minute video we introduce Azure’s new platform service for monitoring your resources, Azure Monitor. Learn the core concepts of Azure Monitor–Activity Log, Diagnostic Logs, Metrics, and Alerts–and how you can use this data to understand what’s happening in your Azure services.

The Skype Show Live – UCDay UK 2016

On October 24th 2016 The Skype Show presented a special broadcast live from UCDay 2016 (, the UK’s largest independent Microsoft Unified Communications and Cloud Technology Conference run by Andrew Price (MVP), Jason Wynn, Adam Gent (MVP) to mention a few. The event was well attended with over 25 vendors and sponsors showing their latest offerings in the UC and Cloud space, as well as around 500 IT Pros. UCday expanded their horizon by offering technical deep dive sessions led by MVPs from around the world in Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business and Azure & Cloud. …

October 2016 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2013

In this video, we cover how to install this SharePoint Cumulative Update. This will get your server to the build of 15.0.4867.1002 by applying KB3118366. …


Where were you during The Great Twitter Outage of 2016? A botnet of Internet-of-Things, likely based on Mirai, took down DNS services provided by Dyn. No Twitter. No Spotify. No GitHub. And where was I? Stuck on a plane wondering about Business Continuity for Web apps whacked by DDoS.

Martin Woodward – .NET Foundation

.NET Foundation:

Connecting Apps Across Devices with Remote Systems APIs

Adventure Works is a UWP sample app that connects your UWP app across Windows 10 devices using the Remote Systems APIs (Project Rome). Check out the video to see how it works, read up on details in this blog post, and then learn more about UWP apps on the Xbox at

Meet the presenter bot, a bot that presents about bots

PresenterBot is an open source project to demonstrate some of the technologies behind bot framework, LUIS, Skype and Bing Speech. …

October 2016 Cumulative Update for SharePoint 2016

In this video, we cover how to install this SharePoint Cumulative Update. This will get your server to the build of ?16.0.4444.1004 by applying KB3118372 and KB3118376. …

How the Gig Economy is adding value to Business

Gig Economy: How the gig economy can be of value to your business and get you to make moola!

ASP.NET Monsters #75: Internationalization Part 1 – Localizing Text

In today’s episode, Monster Dave takes us through the IStringLocalizer and IViewLocalizer services used to support text localization in an ASP.NET Core MVC application. …

SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio

In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Kevin Cunnane to give an overview of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio, a fully integrated SQL Server development environment. In this video we’ll demonstrate capabilities such as importing T-SQL into your solution, IntelliSense, table designers, data and schema compare capabilities, and much more. …

Kevin Gallo gives the developer perspective on today’s Windows 10 Event

As a developer, our first question when we see new features or new hardware is “What can I do with that?” We want to take advantage of the latest and coolest platform capabilities to make our apps more useful and engaging. …

Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update Event

Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update event.

Behind the Scenes: Microsoft, Liquid Daffodil & fanband

Fanband lets you customize the theme of your Microsoft Band with your favorite sports team, video game, tv show, and more and is the Top Downloaded and Rated app for the the Microsoft Band for Windows, iOS and Android users. …

Connecting UAVs with Azure Services

In this episode, Guada and Jacob talk about how to connect your UAV to Azure Services.

The Drones Garage Show, a showcase produced by the Drones Chapter of the Microsoft Garage. Our goal is to create a community of people excited about drones and their possibilities. We will explore many aspects of working with drones including FPV racing, aerial photography, and programming. …

Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft introduces Surface Studio and Windows 10 Creators Update.

Snack Pack 3: Xamarin Test Recorder for macOS

Welcome to The Xamarin Show Snack Pack Edition. A Snack Pack is bite sized episode that is focused on a specific topic and covered in just a few minutes. In Episode 6: User Interface Automation, we were joined by friend of the show Charles Wang, Automation Software Engineer at Microsoft, who talks to us about the importance of testing mobile applications and how to build our first UI Test….

Weathering the storm: Big data and cloud technologies safeguard lives and businesses worldwide

Global weather company AccuWeather is using a technology platform including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain real-time intelligence into weather and business patterns. Handling 17 billion requests for data each day, AccuWeather is helping 1.5 billion people safeguard and improve their lives and businesses. ….

Using Microsoft Graph with Cortana

The MeetingBot sample shows how to integrate Microsoft Graph capabilities into an app that uses Cortana voice commands. Watch the video to see an overview of the sample and then check out the source code for the sample at For more information on Microsoft Graph and it’s usage, see

Eye Tracking Gameplay with New VR Ready Alienware Extreme Gaming Machines

We checked out Alienware at the ESL One gaming event in New York where they gave us a detailed look at the hottest technologies built into their desktop and laptop gaming PCs. Check out this video for a peek at their latest VR ready products with Tobii Eye tracking and Alienware’s flagship, the Area 51. For a limited time Alienware is making select systems available with Gears of War 4 at no additional charge. See offer details by clicking on the banner below: …

OzCode: a Roslyn-powered magical debugging experience

OzCode is a Visual Studio Extension for C# which cuts down on debugging time and increases productivity by detecting and isolating bugs, making them easy to fix.

Among other features, OzCode allows you to visualize what your code is doing, search for properties, compare objects, quickly attach to processes, and create quick Tracepoints – enabling a fast and productive debugging session. …

Sauce Labs Automated Testing for Visual Studio Team Services

Sauce for VSO offers an integrated automated testing solution with secure, reliable access to thousands of VMs that can be configured to run tests against nearly 700 different browser/platform/OS combinations, including mobile emulators/simulators and real devices. …

Latency and Durability with SQL Server 2016

Data Exposed is pleased to welcome Jos de Bruijn back, and today he is back to talk specifically about In-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016. Jos is a Senior PM on the SQL team and today dives right in with a fantastic demo to first show how much easier it is to get started with In-memory OLTP, but also the performance improvements with this technology in SQL Server 2016 to make it even faster. …

Tuesdays with Corey: Microsoft Philanthropies

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team talks with Jeremy Pitman from Microsoft Philanthropies. …

Getting started

High level overview of Microsoft’s Azure Analysis Services, which is part of Microsoft’s overall BI offerings to help organization gain insights from their data.

ASP.NET Monsters #74: Customizing Bootstrap 4 in Your ASP.NET Core MVC Application

You want to treat your CSS like versioned code but still be able to take advantage of updates to CSS frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap 4. How do you make that work? …

The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson [1610] [October]

In the 1610 release of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson we discuss [01:00] Microsoft Ignite and give you a recap [09:00] of the foundation session at the event. Brad then shows Azure Active Directory Identity Protection [15:00] and then what’s new in EMS [20:40] including demos of Conditional Access for Apps demo [21:12] and Conditional Access for Windows 10 [26:10]. Finally Brad takes us through the improvements coming in the Azure console which will soon home Microsoft Intune and all of EMS. [34:00]

Episode 126: Image2Docker with Trevor Sullivan

We talk with Trevor Sullivan about Image2Docker. All Tesla’s have self-driving hardware, but can they drive? And apparently the internet is unreliable because of DNS. …

#310: Here is your Scooby Snack

In this episode, the Dynamic Duo talk about Azure Active Directory conditional access, Using PowerShell to specify license plans in Office365, OneDrive Client updates, and then they get off on a whole bunch of random. Fun times as always. …

Visual Studio Code: source control with Git on Visual Studio Team Services

Learn how to setup a remote Git repository on Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Code for cross-platform team collaboration. The demo showcases Visual Studio Code on Windows and Mac. All the steps described apply to VS Code running on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Implementing NavigationService for Xamarin Forms and MVVM

Learn how to use existing NavigationService by using Prism for Xamarin Forms’ platform and how to implement your own. We think about NavigationService with MVVM applications where we want to perform page navigation from within the ViewModel instead of the View, to ensure testability and extensibility.

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