Needless to say, last week’s Channel 9 news was the release of our shiny new look! What do you think?

Along with the new design, our contents authors were hard at work. Here are a select 21 videos, posts and shows…

TWC9: MVP Reconnect, Connect(), VSTS Updates, 10k Apart Winners, Drones and more…

This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Greg Duncan, Josh Garverick and Gordon Beeming discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

This Week On Windows, join us for some exciting updates around the following:
  • Skype UWP update: SMS relay
How to Debug Typescript in Visual Studio Code

This video shows you how to debug Typescript using Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code can be used in Cross Platform environment.

Migrate Azure IaaS Solutions from ASM to ARM Using migAz, Part 2

Paulo Ramos joins Scott to talk about migAz, which is an additional option for migrating IaaS resources from the classic deployment model to the Azure Resource Manager deployment model. The tool uses Service Management REST API calls to gather all the details on Network, Storage and Compute related resources to create a nice ARM Template.

Developing for Parrot

Guada Casuso is back with Divya on the show to talk about development on the Parrot platform.

In this session, we have talked about the drone platform Parrot, the various drones that Parrot offers and how to start programming for a Parrot drone for Android.


Meet Vishal Joshi and learn how his startup “Joy” is disrupting the wedding industry.

The Regatta Project

This is an overview of the Regatta Project.

Introducing Windows IoT Core
Windows 10 isn’t just for Desktop, Laptops and Phones, it’s also a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).
In this episode, Dmitry Lyalin is joined by Stephen Huang to go over how to get started with Windows 10 IoT Core. Learn the fundamentals such as setting up the OS on an SD card, monitoring your device, using Windows device portal, and running sample code using Visual Studio. They also show off the Intel and Raspberry Pi boards and various starter kits with touch screens and sensors to empower your next idea.
Windows Subsystem for Linux: Networking Overview

Exploring the Windows Subsystem for Linux, we have looked at the architectural overview, the Pico Processes, syscalls and filesystem. In this video we focus on the networking layer. Sunil Muthuswamy discusses some of the differences between Windows and Linux networking and where the translation happens. Sunil will also walk us through the translation of typical TCP and UDP calls as well as touch on how Unix sockets are used by Linux for inter process communication.

Office Dev Show – Episode 41 – The New Microsoft Graph Explorer

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Yina Arenas is joined by Office Dev Interns Toby and Elizabeth to demonstrate the new Microsoft Graph Explorer. The Graph Explorer has been a very popular tool for developers working with the Microsoft Graph. The new Graph Explorer has a number of powerful new features and work with both consumer and commercial services. It also not longer requires admin consent to use!

The Xamarin Show 9: Azure Search with Liam Cavanagh

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Liam Cavanagh, Azure Search Program Manager, who show us how to improve searching in Xamarin applications by integrating Azure Search. Liam takes through the Real Estate lab and sample application with different use cases where Azure Search is used to spice up the application. He then walks through where in the Azure portal we need to go to get started and how to import data directly into the Azure Search database and finally what code is needed in the Xamarin application to talk to Azure Search.

GoingNative 53: Learning STL Multithreading

In this episode, Billy O’Neal and Stephan T. Lavavej (S.T.L.) talk about the Standard Template Library for multithreading, and how to use it properly. We would love to hear some feedback on this episode! If you liked it, let us know and we may make a follow up!

Predictable Performance with DocumentDB

Aravind Ramachandran stops by Azure Friday to talk with Scott about predictable performance and getting the scale you need with 99.99% guarantee from DocumentDB. Aravind explains Request Units and best practices for building scalable applications with DocumentDB’s transparent partitioning.

Samsung Brings First Super AMOLED Windows Galaxy Device to Market

Find out why Samsung for the first time ever is bringing Windows 10 into their Galaxy device lineup with the Samsung TabProS. Learn about device trends Samsung is seeing and what kinds of Android hardware learnings they are bringing to the Windows marketplace. Samsung also takes us through innovative new features like Samsung flow, super fast charging, precision pen input and more.

Securing Azure HDInsight

Ignoring the fact that my mic is hanging half-way down my shirt until it is magically fixed about 1/2 way through, this week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Saurin Shah to the show. Saurin is a senior PM on the big data HDInsight team at Microsoft and is in the studio today to talk about securing HDInsight.

Tuesdays with Corey: Azure Event Hubs Archive goodness

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team talks with Dan Rosanova Principal PM on the Azure Event Hubs team to talk about some cool new event hubs archive technology.

Defrag Tools #168 – Powercfg Sleep Study

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder talk to Nashaat Soliman and Paresh Maisuria (program manager and developer from the Windows kernel power team) about the “Sleep Study” feature in the Powercfg tool, and how you can use it to diagnose battery drain issues on Modern Standby systems.

IoT Show Stranger Things

One of Pete’s favorite shows is Stranger Things on Netflix. When watching the series, Pete was inspired to create an intelligent Stranger Things wall which combined Windows, IoT technology, and natural language processing in the cloud.

Episode 128: Project Rome with Shawn Henry

We talk with Shawn Henry about project Rome. Open sourcing server hardware. What would you do with 10 gigabit internet in your house? And find out how many trillions of transistors are created every second.

Applying MVVM to Xamarin Forms

Learn how to apply MVVM design pattern to a non MVVM application to guarantee separation of concern and unit testability.

#312: Ambidextrous Pirate

In tonight’s show, Todd and Shane don their best Halloween costumes and deliver all the Office 365 news that fit to share. They get all excited about two of Microsoft’s new products, Flow and Powerapps. They also talk about the Android client for SharePoint some things to look forward in the SharePoint 2016 Feature Packs. They finish up by telling about an exciting improvement to Azure B2B and a way to move windows better in Windows 10.

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