Last week our show hosts, video producers and bloggers returned from the long holiday weekend, fired up and ready to share the latest and greatest with all of you.

Here are just a select 25 posts, shows, videos and episodes from last week…

Parsing Akamai logs using Azure HD Insight Spark Cluster.

You have seen many videos on Hadoop/Spark cluster, where a ubiquitous example for map reduce is used of counting the words “Banana” from a clean text files. But, in real-life your log files are not this clean, and they are not on cluster itself. Clusters are expensive affairs, so how do you programmatically create cluster and automate your processing? …

TWC9: Visual Studio 2017 Powers Up Your Productivity, Holoportation, Slack on the C64 and…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and new host Kriti Jindal discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

  • [00:27] Kriti Jindal joins TWC9 …
This Week On Windows: Photos App Update, Minecraft Cartoon Texture packs, and more!

This Week on Windows: Cortana helps you tackle the holidays, Minecraft adds a new cartoon texture pack and a photos app update just in time for holiday selfies! Other topics covered in this episode include: …

Enough to Keep You Busy During the Holidays?

Today’s Hardware Friday post is meant to “teach you how to fish find your own cool projects” …

Episode 219: Visual Studio Mobile Center with Thomas Dohmke

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Thomas Dohmke, Group Program Manager on Visual Studio Mobile Center. Thomas joins us to go over the features of the new service and the features it provides mobile developers. Mobile Center combines numerous other features including: HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, Azure Mobile Engagement, Xamarin Insights, Azure App Service, and CodePush….

Azure DocumentDB Elastic Scale – Partitioning

DocumentDB collections are logical resources that can span multiple partitions to provide practically limitless scale. In this episode of Azure Friday, Shireesh Thota talks with Scott Hanselman about scaling DocumentDB with a partitioning collection and how best to choose your partition keys to optimize for read and write workloads. Partition management is fully managed by Azure DocumentDB and it is completely transparent to your application, so you do not have to write complex code or manage your partitions. …

German MSP Lukas Pollmann Discusses MVP Summit and Machine Learning

Each year, Microsoft’s elite engineering partners (MVPs) fly to Redmond Washington from around the world to hear about new Microsoft developer tools and technologies, to network, and to give their feedback on Microsoft developer tools and investments. This event is called the MVP Summit. This year, 13 elite Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) came to this event to join in on the action. In this video, I discuss the MVP Summit with visiting MSP from Germany, Lukas Pollmann, and hear about how he is using Azure Machine learning in his studies. …

Episode 26: Klei Entertainment with Jamie Cheng

Join us as we chat with Jamie Cheng, the founder of Klei Entertainment. Jamie got his start as a programmer for Relic, and in 2005 started Klei to develop their own original titles. Klei is best known for titles such as Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja. We’ll ask Jamie about their toy business, lessons learned over the years and how his studio actually achieves work life balance….

Introducing the Database Experimentation Assistant

In the Channel 9 studios this week is Harini Gupta, a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server SEALS team, and Dinek Kothottil, a Senior Engineering Manager on the SQL Server SEALS team.

Both Harini and Dinek are in the studio today to show off a new tool currently in preview called the Database Experimentation Assistant, a tool that enables migrating from a lower version of SQL Server to the latest version of SQL Server. However, it is much different than the Data Migration Assistant in that the Database Experimentation Assistant provides clarity into the complexity and risks of upgrading….

Installing Windows in Raspberry Pi 3 – A Programmer’s Guide to Internet of Things – Part 3

About Series

This Series about IoT, named as “A Programmer’s Guide to Internet of Things” comprised of 5 video lessons and every lesson covers different aspect of Internet of things. Starting from introduction and ending with a basic IoT application in UWP this series is going to help you a lot if you want work on IoT. …

ASP.NET Monsters #82: Node Services

I can’t remember if NodeJS is still cool or if people are only using it ironically now as they port their applications to something else. In either case there are still a lot of great node modules out there which it would be great to access from our ASP.NET application. In this episode we’ll look at Node Services an approach to call out to Node from inside an ASP.NET MVC Core controller. …

Xavier Decoster and Maarten Belliauw – MyGet

This week we speak with Xavier and Maarten from MyGet., @maartenballiauw, @xavierdecoster

Tools for Apache Cordova Updates in Visual Studio

In this episode, Robert is joined by Jordan Matthiesen, who shows us enhancements to the Tools for Apache Cordova (TACO). Jordan shows how quickly you can install Visual Studio 2017 with just the Mobile development with JavaScript workload (less than 10 minutes!) [03:30]. He demonstrates new Ionic templates in Visual Studio 2015 [05:30]. He then shows several new features in VS 2017…

The Xamarin Show 11: Xamarin Profiler with Nina Vyedin

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Nina Vyedin, Xamarin Platform Program Manager, who introduces us to Xamarin Profiler for iOS, Android, and macOS apps. Nina walks us through how to get the Profiler, what is capable of, and how it can help developer build better apps by diagnosing performance issues in their apps. We take a long look at cycles and how they are caused in the managed and unmanaged world….

DotNetCurry: Free .NET Magazines by Microsoft MVPs

DotNetCurry Magazine better known as ‘DNC Magazine’ is a FREE bimonthly (once every 2 months) digital publication featuring the latest from the .NET and JavaScript worlds. This magazine grew out of the collaboration of some terrifically tireless Microsoft MVP’s and experts who have a passion for sharing their hard-earned knowledge with others….

Every startup is unique! How can Microsoft support you?

No two startups have been on the same journey. During this 60minute session we’ll hear from the CEO of Gruntify, Jamie Leach, and CEO and Founder of Drawboard PDF, Alistair Michener, about what their startup journey has been like to date. The ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the ugly. They’ll then sit on a panel with Sam Rosenbalm, Microsoft APAC Partner Business Evangelist Manager, where they’ll explore the ways in which Microsoft was able to support Gruntify and Drawboard PDF through the various stages of their growth….

Data Migration Assistant 2.1 Update

The things the SQL engineering team can do in a month! We’re excited to welcome back to the Data Exposed show Akash Verenkar, a Senior Engineering Manager in the SQL team, and brings with him today Venkata Pochiraju, a Senior Program Manager in the SQL engineering team, to talk about all the hard work their awesome team has done on the Data Migration Assistant! Together they walk through the awesome changes that have been made to the Data Migration Assistant in the past 30 days and to announce that version 2.1 of DMA is publically available….

Introduction to Microsoft Edge, extensions and security on the web

Learn about the latest advancements with Microsoft Edge browser, how it compares with other offerings in the marketplace, and new developments in extensibility, security, and standards….

Introduction to Node.js development

This session will introduce you to Node.js fundamentals, how to code and debug with VS Code, and how to use an advanced SDK in node.js using Bot Framework as an example….

Big Data explained, with Seth and Datameer’s Andrew Brust

Seth talks to Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Datameer’s Senior Director for Market Strategy and Intelligence, Andrew Brust, about Big Data. Seth and Andrew discuss a working definition of Big Data, some of the key technologies behind it and how it ties into BI. The Datameer product, and its integrations with Azure HDInsight are discussed as well, as are NoSQL databases and how they are slowly converging with relational database stalwarts like SQL Server and DB2….

Immersive Computing with Envelop

We head to Envelop to experience their Immersive Computing platform. We examine Envelop’s SDK that enables web and native applications to extend themselves in VR and see how you can do all this work while you’re in VR!…

Implementing Windows Hello for Business at Microsoft

Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with strong two-factor authentication by combining an enrolled device with a PIN or biometric user input. Dimitris Papitsis, Service Engineer for Microsoft IT, and Mike Stephens, Senior Program Manager, OS Security, share lessons learned when Microsoft IT deployed Windows Hello for Business on 100,000 Windows 10 devices over existing infrastructure, including Intune, System Center Configuration Manager, Public Key Infrastructure, and Azure Active Directory….

The Skype Show Episode 11 – Heads in the Cloud


In this episode we speak with Brian Ricks and Tom Arbuthnot about their perception on cloud voice and Microsoft Teams. We cover topics on Cloud PBX, Cloud Connector Edition, Microsoft Teams, Productivity in general and where the future may be taking us.

This episode is slightly different to the normal format….

Startup Stories: Transforming Mobile Devices into Portable Science Labs with Lab4U

Lab4U is an award winning, Chilean startup on a mission to improve science education with their new mobile apps which are designed to make it easy and inexpensive to bring lab experiences into the classroom by leveraging the built-in sensors found in smartphones and tablets.

Join David Giard as he welcomes CEO and Co-Founder Komal Dadlani – as they discuss how they leverage and array of Microsoft Azure’s powerful tools and resources to help deliver their solution to classrooms across the globe….

Raspberry Pi 3 Chipboard – A Programmer’s Guide to Internet of Things – Part 2

About Series

This Series about IoT, named as “A Programmer’s Guide to Internet of Things” comprised of 5 video lessons and every lesson covers different aspect of Internet of things. Starting from introduction and ending with a basic IoT application in UWP this series is going to help you a lot if you want work on IoT. …

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