Our content authors are really getting back into the grove now, finishing up all their end of year episodes and rolling forward into the year… 🙂

Here are just 23 shows, posts and episodes from last week.

TWC9: Build Registration Opens, ChakraCore Opens, R Server Free for Dev’s and more…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

Indie Dev Podcast, Episode 24 – Kevin Giguère, Dragon Slumber

Kevin Giguère is a programmer in his thirties from Quebec, Canada, and the man behind Dragon Slumber, a studio behind the SNES inspired RPG Arelite Core, created with XNA. Originally started as a dream project to create his own game from scratch, Kevin has done everything himself. …

Episode 196: Migrating to Mobile Apps with Matthew Henderson

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Matthew Henderson, Program Manager on the Azure App Service team. Matthew joins us to discuss how you can migrate and upgrade your Azure Mobile Services into Azure App Service Mobile Apps. …

On Being the Governor of your Azure Dev/Test Environments

Microsoft Azure is awesome for doing development and testing. The ability to spin up, spin down, create and destroy environments at the snap of a finger is very cool. But what if there was a way to add some governance to those environments? Would that be cool, too? Yes, yes it would! …

Episode 401: Katie Anderson on the Microsoft Student Partner program

Katie Anderson is the Microsoft Student Partner at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She describes the program and here involvement in it over the past 3 years.

B-roll: Microsoft Band 2

Intended for broadcast journalists, this broadcast-quality footage highlights Microsoft Band 2 and Microsoft Health.

MSDN Flash January – Year In Review, BreakPoint, JavaScript Open Day, GitHub + more

This month’s Flash is Jonathan and Lacho‘s 2016 kick-off. Get ready for a ton of new and exciting updates + a little hint on something really interesting that is coming up soon. Here is a summary:

This Month in a Flash

The Ops Team #009 – “Egg-volution”

… This week on The Ops Team, Matt, Simon and David make it into the studio, whilst Rick is confined to his new office, after a recent role change. Even without Rick present, the team managed to figure out how to control all of the AV equipment, which itself, is a miracle! …

2016-01-14 This Month In Education: Student Drop In Drop Out For Office 365

… In this episode of This Month In Education Michael Gannotti (Microsoft Solutions Architect, Philadelphia MTC) shows how to get, install, and modify, the free Student Drop in Management app for Office 365 and/or SharePoint 2013. …

UWP Controls – Intro

This is an introductory video to the basic UWP Controls you will use very frequently in developing your UWP App. The first 3 Videos in this series show you how to use the TextBox, ListView and GridView respectively. …

Endpoint Zone Episode 11: Year in review and Mobile App Management (MAM) without device enrollment

In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson we reflect [01:01] on what a big year 2015 was for enterprise mobility and some of the major shifts that happened in the Enterprise Mobility Market – remember if you’re considering any technology as part of your strategy you need to understand how one vendor or product is doing against the others….

Defrag: Back from the Break with Cortana in the Car, Oculus Pre-Order and more…

Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. …

Monthly Meetup Dec 2015 – Topic 2: Node.js + Visual Studio + Bobbleheads = AWESOME

abstract:: We’ll cover getting started w/ Node.js and setting up a rockin’ dev environment, overcoming common gotchas without pulling your hair out, managing packages for your Node.js apps like a champ, and SO MANY BOBBLEHEADS (we’ll explain later…)

Chef + Microsoft: Automate to Migrate

Following the Compliance <3s DevOps event, host of the upcoming Automate to Migrate event, Andre Elizondo, joined David Tesar and Justin Arbuckle in studio. Check out the video for a sneak preview of the second installation and to see some of their finest dance moves. Robot, anyone? …

Ep13: Interview with Penelope Coventry, Roohi Shaikh and Kerstin Rachfahl during the #MVPSummit

During the MVP Summit, Soumow invites female MVPs to share their career successes and interesting stories. In this episode, you get to know more about Penelope Coventry, Roohi Shaikh and Kerstin Rachfahl….

Hybrid Apps

Martin and Martin Look at Hybrid apps converting a website into an app using a tool called manifoldjs. Any questions or feedback please use the twitter hashtag #WebHackWed

Channel 9: 2015 In Review

Wow, what a year! In 2015, we saw a lot of shiny new releases (Windows 10, VS 2015, Edge) and awesome innovative events (Connect, Build). With so much going on, our hosts Jonathan and Anthony couldn’t resist but rewind the cassette (old-fashioned) and give you a “Year In Review” …

2016-01-11 Mid-Day Café: The Modern Intranet Powered by SharePoint Services

In this episode of Mid-Day Café host Michael Gannotti is joined by special guest, Senior Product Manager for SharePoint Online, Mark Kashman for “The Modern Intranet Powered by SharePoint Services.” In this guest appearance from Redmond Mark covers an Introduction to the Modern Intranet, Office 365 Video, Delve “People Experiences”, SharePoint Team Sites, Custom portals and sites. …

Designing for VR: Environments and Interactions

Hey everyone!

Episode 3 of Just A/VR Show covers the first half of my introductory content on designing for virtual reality: environment building and interactions. In this video, we’ll walk through different options for creating immersive experiences!…

Tuesdays with Corey: Security Center preview and Custom RBAC Roles

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team welcomes you to the new year of AzureTwC from his unpacked office in order to cover Azure Security Center Preview and discuss new functionality of Roles Based Access Control….

UWP BMI Calculator

This video is a step by step tutorial explaining how to create a Unified Windows Platform Body Mass Index Calculator application. It is a simple application targeting new UWP developers and beginners in general.

2 | Nordstrom : Tips for making a DevOps transformation

Nordstrom is regarded by many to represent the pinnacle of customer service. Many factors contribute to this stellar reputation… one is their IT Dept’s commitment to doings things differently with greater agility. We’re happy to have Courtney Kissler and Rob Cummings in studio to share their perspective on how DevOps has helped them be as agile as possible to uphold that great front end customer service on the backend….

Defrag Tools #150 – Media eXperience Analyzer part 2: Video Playback Power Saving

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Jorge Novillo and Jose Baldner. We look at some of the technologies introduced in recent Windows versions to reduce power consumption and improve battery life during video playback on newer hardware, and use Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA) to see whether they are working….

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