The new Channel 9 Studio is just opened so expect a return to usual for studio recorded shows. Not that that stopped our dedicated hosts! Here’s a select 24 shows, posts, episodes and videos from last week…

Handling Security Concerns Right

Glow, a women’s health app, has personal and sensitive information at a different level of personal and sensitive. When Glow discovered a security vulnerability that could expose women’s information, the way they handled it was textbook for how to do things right.

Episode 116: Continuous with Frank A. Krueger

We talk with Frank Krueger about Continuous. Demotivational products that don’t work. A website that makes it easy to start developer arguments. And Jason falls in love with his Surface Book. …

TWC9: All About Windows 10 Anniversary

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and guest host Dave Crawford discuss the week’s top developer news, including;


ArtLifting empowers artists living with homelessness or disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. ArtLifting is about creating opportunity, empowerment, and validation. …

2016 Imagine Cup Team Overview

2016 Imagine Cup Team Overview

Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs in Azure
Microsoft Azure will be offering state of the art GPU visualization infrastructure and GPU compute infrastructure for various different scenarios like gaming, streaming, transcoding, machine learning, visualized CAD applications and many more other workloads that utilize GPUs. …
ASP.NET Monsters #55: Jeffrey Palermo on Moving the Business to ASP.NET Core

Shiny new things are shiny and new! …but that kind of argument isn’t going to win you management over when you explain to them that you need to take your team offline for the next 6 months while you rewrite the app on ASP.NET Core. …

DevOps – The Non-Technical Parts, Part 1: The Cultural Mindset

DevOps, DevOps, DevOps. When you talk to people focused on building and delivering custom software solutions, it seems that this is the topic they all want to know about. Luckily, Microsoft offers a fully-featured, best-of-breed set of tools to support DevOps in our customers’ organizations. But tools are arguably the least important part of the DevOps value chain. Organizational culture and process are…

Rowan Miller – Entity Framework
Rowan Miller is a member of the Entity Framework team. He works on both Entity Framework and the new Entity Framework Core. …
Mukul Sabharwal – Bing

This week we speak with Mukul Sabharwal about .NET Core usage at Bing.

2016 Imagine Cup World Finals and 2016 MSP Summit Recap

The 2016 Imagine Cup World Finals and 2016 Microsoft Student Partner World-Wide Summit were awesome! Watch this video to hear about highlights from these events, and to learn how you can be a part of them in the future.

Utilizing Machine Learning to analyze Phishing/Fraud data for Bing Ads space by Lekshmi Menon

In this video you will learn more about Anomaly detection. The different features sets Bing Ads team focuses on, to get data on a phishing attack and build predictive models for. Lekshmi (Sr. Software Engineer, Bing Ads team) also talks about our great success rate in protecting the Bing users and the Advertisers.

Understanding Data Science for building Predictive Analytics Solutions by Francesca Lazzeri

In this video Francesca Lazzeri (Data Scientist, Algorithm & Data Science team) takes a deep dive into the 5 point process of extracting knowledge from data. She takes us step by step from the external client’s business problem and how they attain the appropriate answer. Tons of detail and very impressive work!

User understanding/building intelligence in Cortana by Vipindeep Vangala

In this video you will learn more about how Cortana, personal digital assistant, will help you accomplish your tasks efficiently from tracking your flights to recommending restaurants and more with Vipindeep Vangala. He also talks about how ML technology is helping build intelligence within Cortana. This technology seems very fascinating and cutting edge!

Cortana Intelligence Competitions: a New Challenge

Charis Loveland makes the trip to DC to talk about the results of the Decoding Brainwaves Competition and tells us about a new challenge. …

Office Dev Show – Episode 40 – App-Only Permissions and the Microsoft Graph

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard shows you how to leverage application permissions with the Microsoft Graph. This allows applications that perform operations against any user in a tenant as a background process. …

2016-08-02 | SBA: Use Business Intelligence to Increase Sales & Productivity

2016-08-02 | SBA: Use Business Intelligence to Increase Sales & Productivity

The Maker Show: Mini – Bitcoin Sensor

An IoT solution for monitoring the price of Bitcoin with Visual and Auditory cues pertaining to the volatility of the the CoinDesk exchange over a given time interval.

*Fun Fact* – While attending a Microsoft Corporate Hackathon in Miami, I was awoken by the BitCoinSensor following the announcement of Microsoft accepting BitCoin! …

Decoding Brain Signals: How Azure Machine Learning Contributes to Neuroscience and Biomedical Research

Patients who have injuries or tumors on the neuron connectivity have difficulties in connecting the visual stimulus and cognition. The cutting edge research done by professor from Stanford University discovered that by decoding the ECoG signal collected from the brain, the machine learning algorithm can discover what image is actually displayed to the patients, which bridges the gap between visual stimulus and cognition. …

The Skype Show Episode 8 – LCR & LBR, Call Flow Manager, Hybrid

In Episode 7 we continued into the world of enterprise voice by discussing voice policies, calling features, PSTN usages and Routes. By now you should have a grasp of the fundamental concepts of Skype for Business Voice. In this episode we will be taking a closer look at Least Cost Routing (LCR) and also Location Based Routing (LBR). We are also joined by special guests Andrew Morpeth and Josh Blalock. Andrew…

ASP.NET Monsters #54: Static Compilation in ASP.NET Core

The dotnet tool will, by default, produce a .dll file even if you’ve asked it to emit an entry point and you’re building a command line tool. What should you do if what you want is really a .exe file? What has changed in .NET Core compilation overall? …

Video: Accessing Driver Logs without a Debugger

The Inflight Trace Recorder is a circular log buffer that records activity from both kernel mode and user mode drivers. If your driver has enabled WPP tracing, the inflight recorder automatically records trace messages from your driver. You don’t need to start listening in a tracing session. In this video, we’ll show you how you can access your driver’s IFR logs without using a debugger. …

Getting Started with Visual Studio – Building blocks of the IDE

Get started with Visual Studio by learning about the Solution Explorer, Team Explorer and tool windows. …

Upload File to ASP.NET Application

Learn how to upload a file from a Xamarin Forms application to ASP.NET application.

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