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Kinect v2 VR Examples

Kinect v2 VR Examples-package is a set of Kinect-related mobile & VR examples….

These mobile & VR examples contain three demo scenes. The avatar-demo shows how you can utilize Kinect-controlled avatars in your mobile or VR scenes. The gesture-demo demonstrates how to use Kinect gestures in mobile/VR scenes. The interaction-demo – how to use hand interactions in mobile/VR. All Kinect-related components are lightweight and get the needed sensor data from the Kinect-data-server – part of the ‘Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK’-asset. This package supports mobile and standalone builds, as well as VR-builds for Oculus, Gear-VR, Cardboard and the likes. The demo scenes can be started and components – reused in both Unity Pro and Unity Personal editors.

How to run the examples:
1. Make sure ‘Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK‘-package is imported into new Unity project on the server machine, and its KinectDataServer-scene is running. You can also download and run the ready-made x64-build of KinectDataServer. See the Download-section below.
2. Download and import ‘Kinect v2 VR Examples’-package into new Unity project on the client machine (or separate Unity project on the same machine).
3. Open a demo scene of your choice. The demo-scenes are located in Assets/Kinect2MobileVr/DemoScenes-folder.
4. Select the KinectController-game object and find its KinectDataClient-component.
5. Set its ‘Server host’ and optionally ‘Server port’-settings, so they match the server machine’s IP-address and port.
6. Run the scene to make sure it works in the Unity editor. This would mean the configured server-settings are correct.
7. Build mobile or VR-application and run it on your mobile device. The mobile device must be in the same WiFi network as the Kinect data server.
8. For more information, see the Readme-file in the Assets/Kinect2MobileVr/_Readme-folder of the package.


Video worth more than 1000 words:
Here is a video, courtesy of by Ricardo Salazar, created with this package, Kinect data server, Kinect-v2 sensor and Samsung GearVR:

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