In this episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Rashim Gupta to the show. Rashim, a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server Big Data group is in the studio today to show us how to query JSON in Hadoop using HIVE and HiveQL. Rashim begins by first providing an overview of Hadoop and HDInsight and the scenarios in which you would use these technologies.
At the 3:00 mark Rashim discusses the motivation behind the use and benefits of JSON, including the different optimizations and options avaialble when using JSON with Hive.
Then at the 4:45 mark Rashim jumps right into the demo and spends some quality time showing the differnces between the the built-in Hive UDFs and the custom SerDe for working with JSON. He shows the peformance differences of each and discusses the scenarios for using each and the recommended method for querying JSON. Awesome demos showing the how easy it is to work with JSON in Hadoop and Hive.
Great insight from Rashim and we look forward to future shows with him!

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