Given that last week I highlighted a tool that helps you quickly create and share code snips, One code snippet at a time [and more] with the Code Snippet Studio, when I saw today’s first project I knew I had to share it with you… (and it was from the mad man Mads Kristensen was a ++ too 🙂

JavaScript Snippet Pack


A snippet pack to make you more productive working with JavaScript. Based on the Atom snippets.

This extension ships a bunch of useful code snippets for the JavaScript editor. Get an overview from the Code Snippet Manager in Visual Studio located under the Tools top level menu.


[Click through for the entire list]

And of course since it’s from Mads, it’s open source too, madskristensen/JavaScriptSnippetPack

Today’s bonus Visual Studio Extension from John McBride is a simple one that personally will save me a number of clicks a day.

Open Bin Folder Extension


This extension is to help quickly open the output folder (based on which active configuration is selected) to get access to the build output. The extension adds a “Open Bin Folder (Explorer)” to the right click menu on the project node.


In order to use this extension, you must have Visual Studio 2015 community or above.

Project Explorer Node

You can open the output bin directory on any project node in Visual Studio by simply right-clicking the project node and selected the “Open bin Folder (Explorer)” menu option.


[Click through to download]

This one is open source too, johnmcbride/OpenBinFolder-VSExtension

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