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Hey everyone!

In this episode of Just A/VR Show, I talk about the VR Web, WebVR, and play with virtual reality in outer space! If you’re a web developer, or just interested in how today’s browsers are beginning to support VR devices, this is the video for you!

One clarification: I make a comment when I’m talking about the downsides of WebVR around non-native graphics and I want to clarify that WebVR through Three.JS and WebGL is, in fact, using the capabilities of the graphics card directly and my comment was not quite accurate. This is a good overview of the differences between WebGL and native 3D.


Boris Smus’ WebVR Boilerplate:

Space Photo (as seen on the green screen!):


JavaScript for Virtual Reality at JS Conf Budapest, 2015:

The Matrix is my Office WebVR Blog Posts

Bring WebVR to Edge:


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