This week on Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Judy Meyer, Principle PM, and Dipanjan Banik, Program Manager. In this episode Judy and Dipanjan introduce us to the new Azure Stream Analytics service, a fully managed streaming service designed to gather and process information to provide real-time insights into your data as quickly as possible. Judy and Dipanjan explain how the new Azure Stream Analytics services is a streaming process to handle large amounts of data in motion designed to easily and efficiently scale to handle mass amounts of volumes of data in a matter of seconds. Judy and Dipanjan discuss with us several scenarios around the Azure Stream Analytics service and how streaming plays into the overall big data picture ; many customers know that they want to do something with data in motion as their volume of data is growing but they don’t yet know they want to do or how to do it. In this episode, Judy and Dipanjan show us how the capabilities of Azure Stream Analytics help work with mass volumes of data more manageable. Lastly, Dipanjan demonstrates how easy it is to get started with the Azure Stream Analytics service by doing sentiment analysis over live twitter feeds.

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