Introducing Azure Data Factory


In this week’s episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Anand Subbaraj, Senior Lead PM on the Azure Data Factory team. Today Anand introduce us to Data Factory, a new Azure service for data developers & IT professionals to easily transform raw data into trusted data assets for their organization at scale. ?Data Factory operates over a range of data services, and supports processing of on-premises SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Blobs, and Tables using Hive, Pig, and C# on HDInsight (Hadoop). Easily create and orchestrate simple, highly available, fault tolerant data analytics pipelines that can be monitored at a glance with the Azure Preview Portal.? Competitive, data-driven organizations are collecting, processing and gaining insight from more data than ever before.? Use data pipelines to deliver transformed data from the cloud back to on-premises sources like SQL Server, or keep it in cloud storage.? Take advantage of seamless connection with Power BI for O365 and other applications for consumption of data assets.?


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