Two and a half years I highlighted a project that I thought was extremely cool and one that I’ve since used in a number of projects. This week I saw a post from Oren Novotny that let us know that not only is the project alive and well, but has had a major upgrade and release! Woot!

The project? Humanizer! Humanizer helps turn “geeky strings, type names, enum fields, date, timespan values into a human friendly format”

Congrats and thanks to the team;

Announcing Humanizer 2.0

Earlier today we finalized and published the next major release of Humanizer. This version includes many fixes and new features, many of them coming directly from the community. A huge thank you to all those who have contributed!

You can find the latest Humanizer on NuGet and the website contains the latest documentation. The release notes contains the full details of the changes.

I wanted to call out a few things though:

  • The Humanizer package now supports selecting locales to install. This was done by using a little-known feature of NuGet called satellite packages. The main Humanizer package is now a meta-package that pulls in all language packages plus the core library; this is the existing behavior of Humanizer today.
    • To install English only, you may elect to install Humanizer.Core directly
    • To install specific a language or set of languages, you can specify Humanizer.Core. where represents a supported language package.
  • There is currently a known issue with DNX with satellite packages. It might affect CLI too; track that one here.
  • For best results, using project.json/NuGet v3 is highly recommended over packages.config/NuGet v2. The key difference is that all of the child packages are transitively included instead of directly referenced in your packages.config file. project.json is supported in any project type, not just .NET Core or UWP projects.

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Humanizer meets all your .NET needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities.

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There are so many features that you should just check out the site. I’m betting that you’ll find a number of features that you’ll love.

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