Our name’s changed but what we cover remains the same 🙂
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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

We’ve done it.. HTML5 Weekly is now FrontEnd Focus. What we do remains the same, but the new name better reflects what we cover. We have a blog post with more info.

Things are still transitioning but over this month, we’ll have a new design and fully move over. We appreciate your support and hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we do 🙂

Best Regards,
Peter Cooper, Editor

Chen Hui Jing
A helpful, in-depth run through of what each value of an element’s ‘display’ property can do for you, including inline-block, flex, run-in, and others.

Jeremy Keith
Whats, whys, and philosophy on HTML’s ‘a’ element in a keynote given in Amsterdam recently. This is a good write up, but you can watch the video itself too.

The :target pseudo-class refers to an element within the document that the URL’s fragment points to. It can be used to add some interesting elements of interactivity without JavaScript.

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Mozilla Hacks
“Cross-browser compatibility is still a thing,” says Mozilla, in a high level look at cross-browser Web compatibility, accessibility and tooling concerns.

Dean Jackson
A look at how the WebKit team are implementing support for advanced color features (and wide-gamut displays) in Safari.

Paul Bakaus
The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) team would “love to see a future where the important bits of AMP are standardized by the W3C.”

Telerik Developer Network
Aurelio De Rosa examines tools for automating code style and quality checks for JavaScript and accessibility.

Anna Selezniova
You won’t find a more in-depth walkthrough of the process than this, complete with CodePens to play with.


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