What better way to tell your beloved how you feel than saying you have an erection to her mother?

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Each day brings us a new chance at humiliation through accidents made through technology and social media. Accidentally hitting the “share to Facebook” button on Pornhub, pocket dialing your boss while you're in the bathroom, sending a dirty word to your mom because of Autocorrect, accidentally tweeting a vagina plane from your work account instead of personal, and on and on.

But there's one thing so awful, so terrible, that most of us would never be able to recover emotionally: accidentally sexting your significant other's parents.

Mike Dempster of Washington state (and a friend of mine) did this and lived to tell the tale, so we interviewed him to find out what it's like to feel the worst feeling on Earth.

Please ? for him.

This interview was conducted over instant message and has been edited for clarity.

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