Hanselminutes on 9 – The Eddie Robotics Platform with Kinect


I was at CodeMash in Ohio last week and saw this robot moving around the conference floor. I was lucky to get a nice demo and play with "Eddie" for a bit. You can even buy an Eddie of your own. There’s lots of great information on Eddie and his coming out party at MakerFaire last year on the web. The platform is a very interesting and open one. Now, how do I convince the wife that this is a good idea?

Eddie was programmed by Lwin Maung and Min Maung. Our blogs can be found at www.maungs.com.
Eddie is created by Parallax (www.parallax.com/eddie) and programmed using Microsoft Visual Programming Language and Robotic Studio (www.microsoft.com/robotics).

Lwin Maung: Lwin is a mobile developer and an expert on mechatronics. His mobile applications have been featured on technology sites such as engadget, gizmodo, and pocket now. He has also designed and created programmable microcontrollers and robots for educational use from the ground up. When he is not cranking out code, you can find him teaching or speaking to development community on mechatronics, mobile and application development.

Min Maung: In his "spare" time, Min is a skilled cross-platform mobile developer, aggressive hackathon competitor and technical speaker and when he is not coding, he is building robots. Monday thru Friday, you can find Min at a leading, privately-held payroll and HR software solutions company cranking out .net code and writing apps in ASP.Net, Silverlight, and other .net solutions.


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