Hanselminutes on 9 – Spolsky, Atwood, Blyth, Hanselman = Crazy-Delicious || Content-Free?


I spoke at the StackOverflow conference in San Francisco and Seattle this week (long week, let me tell you) and I got the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Atwood from CodingHorror and Joel Spolsky from Joel on Software, along with the man, the legend, Rory Blyth. The audio also appeared on the StackOverflow podcast in part, but here’s the raw video from our backstage ramblings.
Warning: extreme ramblosity ahead!

  • Joel explains his Duct Tape Programmer post. Apparently DevDays is a duct tape conference, and this section of the recording is a duct tape podcast.
  • Some discussion of the ubiquity of mobile code. Also, if you are nostalgic for the era “when development was hard”, the consensus is that you should be doing mobile development today on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian.
  • Rory elaborates on his experience with (and effusive opinions on) iPhone development to date. Is coding in Objective-C best accompanied by a flux capacitor, New Coke, and Max Headroom? Also, his excitement for MonoTouch.
  • Joel and Scott put on their amateur language designer hats and have a spirited discussion of type inference and Fog Creek’s in-house DSL, Wasabi.
  • Scott covers some of the highlights of new and shiny features coming in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE, the C# 4.0 language, and the ASP.NET MVC 2.0 web framework.


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