Hanselminutes on 9 – “Glimpse” at the Mix11 Open Source Fest


Scott Hanselman?and Phil Haack visited the “Open Source Fest” at Mix 11 in Las Vegas just a few months ago. One of the projects that really stood out – amongst the dozens of great projects shown – was Glimpse.

Glimpse is a server-side NuGet package that plugs into ASP.NET (and other technologies soon) and adds a client-side almost “Firebug”-style UI that gives you amazing insights into your web application. It’s gotta be seen to be understood and appreciated.

This is raw footage, to be clear, but it’s fun. We start talking at the beginning and are a little silly, but we quickly move out into the hallway and can hopefully be better heard over the din.

Learn more about Glimpse at http://getglimpse.com?and follow Anthony van der Hoorn (@anthony_vdh) and Nik Molnar (@nikmd23)?on Twitter!


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