Hackers Got Tax Information For Over 100,000 People From The IRS


The hack, which took place over two months, revealed sensitive information included in tax returns.

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The tax returns and tax information of over 100,000 U.S. citizens have been hacked through an online service provided by the IRS, according to the Associated Press.

The hackers behind the attack spent more than two months in the IRS system between February and mid-May, according to a statement issued by the IRS on Tuesday. The IRS did not immediately respond to a request for more information from BuzzFeed News, but said in its statement that hackers were able to bypass the login screen in the “Get Transcript” system and access the files in question. At the time of this report, the “Get Transcript” system appeared to be offline.

According to the IRS’s website, several types of transcripts of tax returns are available for download from the “Get Transcript” system.

According to the IRS's website, several types of transcripts of tax returns are available for download from the "Get Transcript" system.


“The IRS notes this issue does not involve its main computer system that handles tax filing submission; that system remains secure,” the agency said in its statement, adding that it was notifying individuals whose information had been compromised.

While the IRS did not give details about the types of files hacked, tax returns include personal information ranging from social security numbers to names of spouses, children, and birth dates — all information which could easily be used to steal a person's identity.

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