In today’s episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Andrew Brust to the show. Andrew is Senior Director of Market Strategy and Intelligence at Datameer, whose product turns HDInsight into a self-service Big Data preparation, analytics, and visualization platform. Today, Andrew introduces us to Datameer, highlighting 3 main points; first, Datameer runs directly on the HDInisght “metal” while providing a spreadsheet interface to work with it. Second, Datameer provides a simple mechanism for entering declarative spreadsheet formulas that are translated to fully optimized Hadoop jobs. Lastly, if you have BI or Excel skills, you can use Hadoop in the cloud quickly.
Andrew proves these points by spending the majority of this awesome episode demoing Datameer, showing how to create a workbook from a public data set on flight delay information, then transform it, aggregate it, analyze and visualize it, all while using Hadoop in the background and never having to touch it directly.
For additional information on how to set up HDInsight and Datameer from the Azure Marketplace, watch the following:

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