Getting Started with Always Encrypted with SSMS


In this episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Jakub Szymaszek and Kaivalya Hanswadkar, Program Managers in the SQL Server group to discuss the recent enhancements in Always Encrypted – a new security technology in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server. Jakub and Kaiv show a demo of the new user interface for Always Encrypted in SQL Server Management Studio.

As you learned in a previous video, Always Encrypted is a client-side encryption technology that ensures the database system never sees sensitive data or its corresponding keys in plaintext. While this makes data more secure, it also complicates the process of setting up encryption in the database – the data needs to be downloaded a secure location, where it is encrypted and uploaded back to the database.

Jakub and Kaiv demonstrate how the new column encryption wizard hides these complexity making it possible to encrypt selected columns in just a few clicks. In addition, they show to use the UI to generate Always Encrypted keys in Azure Key Vault.


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