To close out our Game Theme week, this post from Helen Lynn is a perfect ending and way to kill your entire weekend… 🙂

Three great GameMaker games for Raspberry Pi

As I began to type today’s blog post, I received an email from Eben beginning, “Wow – awesome stuff.” I set aside the project I’d been looking at (it’s neat, and we’ll bring it to you a little later this week), because I thought people would enjoy hearing about this right away. YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio, have announced their Raspberry Pi games page: it features three fantastic, full and FREE games that they hope are a taste of what’s to come.


They Need To Be Fed is a monster-feeding, diamond-collecting, danger-dodging platform game with 360° gravity; Super Crate Box is an arcade romp with lovely retro looks, endless hordes of enemies to zap, tons of weapon crates to collect and a great chiptune soundtrack; and Maldita Castilla is an atmospheric action arcade game full of spooky myths from Spain and the rest of Europe. Huge thanks to authors Jesse Venbrux, Vlambeer and Locomalito for making their amazing games available for us to enjoy!

A few notes: these are built for the full Raspbian Jessie image, so that’s what YoYo recommend using. …

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GameMaker Games on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a cool bit of kit, there’s no denying it. The Pi2 has 4 cores and a gig of RAM, so it’s a pretty powerful beast, but one of the few things it does lack however, is lots of amazing games. One thing the GameMaker community has in abundance, is great games, so we’ve been trying to get the two worlds to collide for a few years now, and while we’re still a little ways off, YoYo Games has teamed up with Vlambeer, Jesse Venbrux and Locomalito, to give you a taste of what we hope will soon follow. With the help of these amazing developers, YoYo Games is proud to present to you 3 astounding, full games. Absolutely FREE.

One thing we would ask however, is if anyone wants these games, please get them to come here to download them. Not only are we really interested to see just how many gamers there are out there for the Pi, but we want to be able to tell our developers. This will in turn get them excited, and in turn get more games on this amazing machine, which will help feed your gaming habit!

So, relax….download….play..…enjoy – and tell EVERYONE!.


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