Ever wonder how motion capture is used in games and movies? There’s extremely expensive equipment available (I’ve heard of million dollar systems) which clearly makes them out of the reach of the vast majority of game devs out there. There are however some awesome cheaper tools available.

In part 1 of Motion Capture, we look at an off-the-shelf solutions from Noitom (Perception Neuron) and Reallusion (iClone) to create a powerful workflow. We continue working with our beloved ‘Virtual made somewhat in the likeness of Adam but definitely cooler” Adam (we’ll call him 00Adam pronounced ‘Double 0 Adam’) that we created in this video on creating 2D & 3D facial animations. Adam walks you through the MoCap aspect creating some basic ‘action’ animations and bringing them into Unity. James Martin (from MobaCap) then takes this animation data and maps it to our virtual character in iClone, to create a James Bond influenced character and simple but effective cinematic effects.

[02:10] Capturing the animation

[03:22] Axis Neuron overview

[05:44] Streaming to iClone for capture

[09:09] iClone workflow for applying animations and smoothing

[33:01] Unity FBX Import

[37:24] Bringing in 00Adam from iClone to Unity

[44:12] Creating cinematic effects

[51:56] Closing

Keep an eye on both James’s website mobacap.com and Adam’s blog adamtuliper.com

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