This episode of the Game Dev Show brings you the second session of Adam’s Intro to Physics in Unity. Physics in Unity can be a bit tricky to understand the components and how they fit together. This session builds upon the lessons in Part 1 Introduction to Physics in Unity. We’ll look at some of the cooler building blocks of Physics in Unity that can really help polish your experience, such as using Interpolation on a rigidbody and using ragdolls for character effects.

In this presentation we’ll explore

[00:43] Kinemetic Rigidbodies

[12:07] Interpolate (Rigidbody)

[15:22] Collision Detection Modes

[20:35] Raycasting

[31:27] Ragdolls

[41:31] Physics Materials

[46:12] Effectors

[50:29] Joints

For the raycasting portion of the talk using the ZombieController, you can find that source code at this repository.
Keep an eye on future subjects on over at Adam’s Garage and and of course, check out the Unity Building Blocks free two hour course on Microsoft Virtual Academy.

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