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Containing to give you all something to keep your Winter Break’ers busy and productive, today I’ve got two cool different game dev posts.

First, Friend of the blog Petri Wilhelmsen has kick off a great new video series, Creating a Game from Scratch (with Unity3D)

#GameDevLive–Episode 1: Creating a game from scratch!


I decided to create a new video tutorial series for you guys, #GameDevLive! The purpose of this series is the help you get started with game development and Unity 3D, while we develop a full game.

Episode 1 is all about getting you started with Unity, and creating a little game from scratch, while the next episodes will build on this game introducing more concepts of Unity, taking you to an advanced level of Unity game development.

#GameDevLive–Episode 2: Creating a game from scratch!

Welcome to Episode 2 of #GameDevLive! The purpose of this series is the help you get started with game development and Unity 3D, while we develop a full game.

In this episode, we will use trigger zones to add power ups, introduce fuel to our player and some more UI tweaks like a fuel indicator that changes color based on the amount of fuel left, and a restart level button that is visible when it’s game over.

You can follow OmegaDish on Twitch to see these episodes live, while providing input, suggestions and what features will implement – be part of the development

Secondly, here ere three new coding kits from Microsoft Imagine

Creating cool games is fast, easy and free with new coding kits from Microsoft Imagine

Looking forward to the holiday break? All that free time off from school presents the perfect opportunity to do something super fun – teach yourself to code!

Check out the latest additions to our free and short (about 30 min) coding kits from Microsoft Imagine. Learning to code through a game is really effective because it can help remove the intimidation often associated with programming. Plus, you’ll have so much fun, you may not even realize you are learning. Even if you get stuck, the tutorial can help show you what to do.

Learn about the binary number system to get gold in “Binary Break-In;” in “Block Knock,” play around with projectiles to knock blocks off a table; play “Diamond Miner,” to randomly place gems and bombs, but be careful – don’t set off a chain reaction!

Check out December’s exciting coding kits:

Binary Break-In

Block Knock

Play with projectiles and physics to clear the table!

Diamond Miner:

Sow gems and bombs in the soil to create chain reactions and find diamonds.

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That should help you keep the beasts (um… I mean kids… yeah…) busy. 🙂


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