“Where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s a way to solve every problem using your engineer prowess.” – Michelle Easter, JPL Engineer

Hit play to let Channel 9’s Seth Juarez spark your curiosity through a captivating interview with JPL’s (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Michelle Easter. In this interview, Michelle discusses everything from dancing mechatronics monkeys, software in space exploration, Curiosity (the rover on Mars), and the Europa Lander Mission. Michelle also talks about the International NASA Space Apps Challenge and the Women in Data Bootcamp, focused on promoting an inclusive hackathon experience for all.


For those of you who can’t attend one of the ~150 Space Apps Challenge sites in person, check out the following learning resources:

Don’t forget to also check out Michelle Easter’s non-profit, Mind Makers, which aims to expand the future of the STEM community.

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