In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes to the show Shamik Ghosh, Senior PM and Akash Verenkar, Senior Software Engineering Manager, both of whom are on the Data Migration team in the Data Group. Shamik and Akash are in the studio today to introduce the Data Migration Assistant, a tool for analyzing and recommending the best data platform for the customer.

At the [01:15] mark Shamik shares the vision and mission of the data migration team and provides an overview of

At the [02:50] mark Shamik introduces the DMA (Data Migration Assistant) and provides an overview of the features and functionality of v1.0 of the tool.

At the [04:20] mark Akash takes over and spends the remaining 15 minutes demoing the awesome features of the DMA, including the ability to detect compatability issues when upgrading to newer versions of SQL Server as well as the ability to discover and recommend new features in later versions of SQL Server. The demo gets even better when Akash shows off the assessment results from the DMA and how you can use these results to make educated decisions on SQL Server upgrades and migrations.

You can download the Data Migration Assistant here.

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