Carlos Quintero, Mr. Visual Studio Extension himself, is back with a great set of samples and how-to’s on how you can add menus and toolbars to your next VS extension

Here’s some of the other times we’ve highlighted his work;

SAMPLES: How to create top menus, sub menus, context menus, toolbars

The questions of how to create a toolbar, a top menu, a sub menu, an entry on a context menu, etc. appear from time to time on the forums, so I have created a bunch of samples on GitHub:


They use what I consider best practice: the use of the CommandPlacements section in the .vsct file for centralized place to set parent-child relationships.

The code samples are the following:

HOWTO: Create a Visual Studio toolbar
Demonstrates how to create a toolbar.


HOWTO: Create a Visual Studio top menu
Demonstrates how to create a top menu.

… [Click through too see all the samples]

Looking at the repo gives a good view of all of them…


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