In this episode Haishi Bai is joined by Jean Lozano, Sergiy Chernets and Stanley Chen from MediaValet. Jean, CTO of MediaValet, shares MediaValet’s journey to Azure, and reviews how MediaValet’s system evolves with the platform. Then, Sergiy reviews several key concepts and principles in Domain Driven Design (DDD), and how MediaValet maps these concepts to Microsoft Service Fabric Actor programming model. The team also discusses how they implement the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern and Event Sourcing on Service Fabric. Finally, Stanley walks through some conceptual codes showing how to implement a Process Manager using reminders that allow actors to communicate in an asynchronous fashion.

As we see more and more customers using Azure for their large-scale, mission-critical workloads in production, we try to bring more patterns & best practices episodes into the Cloud Cover show to help you to get the most out of Azure. Please let us know if you want to see more of such episodes!

Links from the show:

  • [01:32] – Jean Lozano: MediaValet’s journey to the cloud
  • [14:28] – Sergiy Chernets: DDD principles and concepts
  • [24:03] – Sergiy Chernets: Mapping DDD concepts to Service Fabric actors
  • [38:16] – Stanley Chen: Conceptual code demo
  • MediaValet

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