In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Evgeny Ternovsky and Joshua Weber, Program Managers on the HockeyApp and Application Insights teams. Joshua starts by going over the basics of HockeyApp and the features it provides including: beta app distribution, crash reporting, user feedback, user tracking, and application metrics. With the quick addition of a client side SDK, you’re able to start gathering metrics on your applications whether they are in testing or if you’ve released them into production. After taking a spin through the HockeyApp features, Joshua walks through how you can connect a HockeyApp application to an Application Insights account so you can view your data there. Evgeny then takes over and walks through a few of the different ways you can query that data and gain amazing insight into the use of your application across a wide variety of factors. Evgeny finishes things off by showing how you can export your queries and put them into Power BI so you can create dashboards over any metrics you want.

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