Wondering how Visual Studio helps build great Unity games? Nathalie and Jon walk the Game Developers Conference floor, talking with Unity developers about how they leverage Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Tools for Unity in making great games.

  • [00:52] – Oxenfree by Night School Studio
  • [06:53] – G Prime by Soma Games
  • [11:28] – Beacon by Monothetic
  • [15:35] – Chambara by team ok and friends

Learn more about Visual Studio Tools for Unity: https://www.visualstudio.com/features/unitytools-vs
Oxenfree: http://nightschoolstudio.com/oxenfree/
G-Prime: http://www.somagames.com/g-prime/
Beacon: http://monothetic.com/beacon/
Chambara: http://chambaragame.com/

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