Today I chat with Laila the founder of Girls Make Games about how their program is helping to get more girls into game development and interested in STEM. Join us as we talk about Education and how the program has grown to really help these girls understand how many opportunities there are in the technology industry.

Chapter 3 just launched and for anyone who hasn’t tried the game yet Chapter 1 is available for FREE now on Xbox One! So no excuses- go play!

  • [00:57] – Intro about Girls Make Games
  • [10:30] – After girls win, how do you take these pitches to the point where they can ship?
  • [11:42] – What does the program entail that these girls aren’t getting anywhere else?
  • [12:42] – Talking with the dads of Girls Make Games
  • [18:01] – Talking with the Negatives about their game, The Hole Story

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