Join us as we chat with Matt Korba from The Odd Gentleman to discuss the new King’s Quest game which is fantastic! In King’s Quest, King’s Graham recounts his greatest adventures to his curious granddaughter Gwendolyn. The game has five chapters, and each one focuses on a special time in Graham’s life. The player’s decisions color shared stories and help weave how the legend of King Graham will be remembered.

Chapter 3 just launched and for anyone who hasn’t tried the game yet Chapter 1 is available for FREE now on Xbox One! So no excuses- go play!

  • [00:33] – The Evolution of the classic IP into what it is today
  • [02:44] – The development of the characters of the story
  • [07:51] – Episode 3 teaser
  • [09:28] – Matt’s background and education at USC

For more information about King’s Quest you can visit the game website and you can reach Matt and the Odd Gentleman on twitter @theoddgentlemen

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