Join us as we explore the new dashboard update on the Xbox One and look at various ways that you as a developer can help drive increased player engagement and retention with your games on Xbox One and Windows 10.

[00:50]Learn All About Game Hubs on Xbox One
[01:25] – What is a Game Hub?
[03:00] – How can leverage the game hubs to drive engagement?
[05:31] – How to set-up your game hub
[05:58] – Best Practices on using the game hub
[07:21]The Xbox App on Windows 10
[08:33] – The Game Bar on Windows 10
[11:35] – Key features including the activity feed, friends and rich presence
[22:17] – Best practices on how to leverage the Xbox App
[24:29] – Title Callable UI (TCUI) on Windows 10 for common Xbox Live activities
[28:15]Leveraging Achievements and Challenges to drive engagement
[29:07] – New ways Achievements and Challenges appear in the new Xbox Dashboard
[30:06] – Best Practices when designing your achievements and challenges
[33:40] – Adding additional achievements and challenges post launch
[36:35] – Pacing your achievements

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