Ellen Pao Has Filed A Motion To Dismiss Kleiner Perkins' Attorney's Fees


Pao seeks to have the nearly $1 million she owes Kleiner Perkins in legal fees stricken.

Today, nearly two months after losing all four claims in her gender discrimination lawsuit against the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Ellen Pao filed a claim arguing that the $972,814.50 she now owes in fees is “grossly excessive and unreasonable.”

Pao's claim cites case law saying that in order to recover costs, Kleiner Perkins must prove that Pao's case was “frivolous or malicious — a standard which it cannot meet.” The filing makes particular note of the $864,680.25 in expert witness fees Kleiner Perkins seeks, arguing that they are “unreasonable and unnecessary, particularly when compared to the expert fees” for Pao's witnesses.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


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