EC2’s R3 Instances Now Available in Brazil


EC2’s R3 instances are designed to provide you with the best price per GiB of RAM, along with high memory performance. I am happy to be able to announce that they are now available in the South America (Brazil) region, in two sizes.

Here are the specs:

Instance Name vCPU Count
SSD Storage Hourly On-Demand (Linux)
RI All UpFront (Linux, 3 Year)
RI Price / Hour (Linux, 3 Year)
r3.4xlarge 16 122 GiB 1 x 320 $2.946 $17,345 $0.660
r3.8xlarge 32 244 GiB 2 x 320 $5.892 $34,690 $1.320

Here are some of the other notable features and characteristics of these instances:

  • Intel Xeon (Ivy Bridge) processors.
  • Support for Enhanced Networking for lower latency, low jitter, and high packet per second performance.
  • Sustained memory bandwidth of up to 63 GBps.
  • Fast I/O performance – up to 150,000 4 KB random reads per second.

You can use these instances for in-memory analytics (SAP HANA springs to mind), high performance relational and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, and memory-resident caches.

The r3.4xlarge instances can also be launched in EBS-Optimized form. Both instances support Hardware Virtualization (HVM) AMIs only; see the R3 Technical Documentation for more information.

The instances are available today in On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot form.

— Jeff;


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