IGuada Casuso is back with Divya on the show to talk about development on the Parrot platform.

In this session, we have talked about the drone platform Parrot, the various drones that Parrot offers and how to start programming for a Parrot drone for Android.

All the information that is provided in the video about the various Parrot drones can be found at:


The site provides detailed description of all the Parrot drone categories and can help you decide which drone is the best for your requirement.

Programming for Android:

Parrot is open source and is a part of Dronecode, the open-source community for drone developers. A good starting point for people who want to develop applications for Parrot will be the Parrot For Developers site ( http://developer.parrot.com/ ). Clicking on the “Start Coding” button at the end of the page will navigate you to the Parrot SDK information page (http://developer.parrot.com/docs/SDK3/). This page will walk you through the setup required and steps to use the SDKs for both iOS and Android.

The samples from the Parrot SDKs provided by Parrot are at their GitHub repository (https://github.com/Parrot-Developers/Samples).

You will need:

  1. Git set up on your system to clone the repository (Instructions at: https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Getting-Started-Installing-Git)
  2. Android Studio (https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html)

Detailed instructions for cloning and using the repository are provided at http://developer.parrot.com/docs/SDK3/#use-samples

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