A massive storm floods Manhattan – and people need to find shelter quickly.
Drought hits the Horn of Africa – and smart delivery of food supplies saves lives.
An earthquake rocks Mumbai – and first responders need to know where to go minute-by-minute.

Responding to disasters like these means boots on the ground — but you can help responders do more with less when we see them as coding challenges. Do you want to use your technical skills to do some good? Together a few sharp minds can save lives and make a real difference.

That’s the mission of the Humanitarian Toolbox – an organization looking for Developers and IT Professionals who can volunteer their time and efforts in building the next generation of life-saving tools. Join James Sturtevant and Bill Wagner for this DevRadio episode and learn how you can get involved.

  • [0:56] What is is the Humanitarian Toolbox?
  • [7:14] How can someone get involved in the project?

Come together, Build tools, Help the world! Join the Humanitarian Toolbox

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