In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards talks to Andy Luhrs and Bill Messmer from the Debugging Tools for Windows team. We talk about what the team develops, what it is working on, the debugger object model, their blog and their feedback email address.

Bill leveraged the debugger object model previously in these episodes:


[00:00] Welcome and introductions
[01:20] What application’s are in the Debugging Tools for Windows?
[01:57] Kernel Transports – COM, USB, 1394/Firewire, Network
[02:34] Symbol Tools – Defrag Tools: #88 – Symbol Folder Hierarchy – index2.txt
[03:15] Current focus is on usability
[05:06] Debugger Object Model
[06:20] NatVis support
[05:06] Feedback – [email protected]
[05:06] Blog –
[05:06] 1394 Kernel Debugging is now in the SDK, not inbox
[09:19] Enabling Postmortem Debugging
[12:28] Next week – JavaScript scripting support

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