In the spirit of Star Trek crossovers, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder pay a visit to Gov (Rhymes With Orange) Maharaj, the co-host of The Defrag Show. We talk about how each series got started, the focus of each, and how the two sometimes overlap.

Gov has a wealth of knowledge, a lot of it being garnered from his role as a developer on the Windows Application and Device Compatibility Team for over 16+ years, but also by doing research for you, to answer your questions.

In this episode we cover a lot of things, but of note, we talk about the version of Windows. How it is reported to applications and drivers, and the common misconception that the version number represents functionality.

We’ve previously taped in Studio F when visiting Raymond Chen. And we’ve previously talked about API Contacts with Larry Osterman. As mentioned while in the kitchen, Bill Gates made a Coke (Coca-Cola) commercial years ago.

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