Defrag Tools #150 – Media eXperience Analyzer part 2: Video Playback Power Saving | Defrag Tools


In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Jorge Novillo and Jose Baldner. We look at some of the technologies introduced in recent Windows versions to reduce power consumption and improve battery life during video playback on newer hardware, and use Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA) to see whether they are working.

Media eXperience Analyzer (formerly WindowsXRay) is a tool used to visualize ETW traces, with a particular emphasis on media scenarios such as audio/video capture and playback.

[00:00] Introductions and overview
[01:42] To capture a trace, refer back to Episode #149.
[02:48] Low refresh rate for video playback (48 Hz in our example)
[10:36] Processor frequency can drop during lower refresh rate playback
[11:26] Batching for video playback – allows CPU cores to be turned off more of the time
[14:15] Multiplane Overlay (MPO) – how to see if it’s working on your system
[21:51] Independent Flip (IFlip) – app can render frames ahead of time and schedule them for the future
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